Microconcerto number 25 ?


Micoconcerto No 24 ? – 22 May 2020

Microconcerto number 24 ? Rockin’ it Up. Well, this is just a small fragment – and really not premeditated at all. But it’s the kind of sketch that I’ve been putting down on Walkman tape recorders and Philips N2011’s and pocket dictation machines for years if an idea like this came into my head, so that some day I could return and turn it into a song. So please feel welcome to call it #jamwithbri.

But you might need to listen to it a few times to figure out its time signature, and where the ‘one’ is. It’s one of those riffs that fascinate me, which return to a different position in the bar every time they come around. So the riff might sound like 3/4 at first but in my head I’m counting 4 to the bar. It’s fun, I think. This is the kind of thing which goes around in ancient rock stars heads the whole time. And I mean ‘the whole time’ ! Enjoy ! I missed you all – but times have been tough. It was tough to get as far as brushing my teeth some days, so playing guitar was out of the question. BUT !!! Hello again Dear Pals !!! How yo’all doin ?!


Back to the Light – Miss you all.

Brian May: Getting back to the light – 22 May 2020

Hey folks,

Thank you for missing me. I’ve. missed me myself. It’s not been a good time. I’m gonna tell you the story elsewhere, I think. Meantime I’m back. I’m able to pick up the guitar again, which is great.

.. … … I’m going to get back into life a little bit as it is, you know, the new life – we should [with a bit] of luck.

I don’t think it’s been easy for any of us. I think this has changed us all psychologically quite a lot and it’s gonna be a lot of work needs to be done to kind of rehabilitate lots of us who’ve lost our way.

I think it was to be expected because it’s a sudden rewrite of our Universe, isn’t it?

So I’m not gonna say too much but sending you lots of love. I hope you’re all keeping well and healthy out there, which is the main thing and getting back into a life yourselves in a very careful way.

So, God bless.


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