Last Horizon – Microconcert Number 25


Last Horizon – MicroConcert number 25 #jamwithBri.

Very rough and ready, this, and, without any accompaniment, you can hear all the places where I’m struggling to get sustain from the little amp, and the moments when my fingers, already soft from inactivity, complain about the bending of the strings !! But this is reality – and I hope it’s helpful for all of you folks who asked for a version of this tune here. My ramblings afterwards are about my concept of expanding coronavirus-free bubbles – which may perhaps start some discussion. I actually thought of it a couple of weeks ago but I was in too much pain to video it.

Brian May: MicroConcert number 25 –


Hey folks,

I play this little ditty for you … … …so hoping you can see the fingers.

Not quite the sustainability [like you] produce but you get the idea. You can see the fingers because a lot of people have asked me for that.

Hope you’re okay out there. We’re all kind of wondering what’s happening. We need a bit of leadership here I think, but I can kind of see something happening. I still have a little theory really, which is I call my “Bubble Theory”, which i think is kind of gently our way out I think if we’ve been isolating for a long time – like a number of weeks- and maybe if I’ve been doing this and maybe my neighbours been doing the same thing. Both of us are completely a corona-free zone because there’s no chance we can have had any contact, so it would make sense that the two of us could interact quite freely because we both trust each other’s defences against the virus zone. In that way you have two little bubbles which coalesce into one bubble and you get a slightly bigger coronavirus-free zone.

Now you don’t have to necessarily be physically next to his bed and supposed it’s a short way away to drive to someone you know very well who has also been completely isolated the last eight weeks. However, it wouldn’t make sense I think and I think we’re already figuring this out that the two of you can probably interact as well. You are not physically adjacent but you are effectively adjacent because you can get in your car and no one else touches you. You get out the two of you, interact, and you come back. So as long as you are completely both trustworthy as far as the coronavirus and you’re okay, so in this way I think you can get kind of corona-free zones which can gradually expand. And I think these corona-free zones could become the basis of us creating areas which are free of the virus. and so we gradually push it into a corner.

This is my theory. I don’t know if anyone else has been saying this? Maybe they have but it kind of makes sense to me now. You’re not completely inviolate but nothing, you know, nothing is 100% perfect. If you have a number of people who have connected as bubbles and one of them actually does go down, then you have your defences because you’re still being careful, you know, and you can immediately figure: “Okay, this guy’s got a cough because a temperature [as well?] it is possible we had it so we’re all isolate from each other for a moment until we’re sure that we’re free and then we open up the bubble again. This is my theory which I don’t – okay [use?] any use to anyone and it kind of makes sense to me and I’m hoping to try it because it’s within the confines of what is prescribed at the moment in this country and we haven’t done very well in this country. But perhaps we can do a little bit better in the future.

So there’s a little bit of music and a little bit of thoughts from old Bri, and that’s it for today God bless you.

I’m planning to put an account of my whole recent story up, but it’s way too long and involved to put on Instagram or IGTV.

So it will appear on my Soapbox, and nowhere else .

Cheers all
– Bri@