Progress !


Work in Progress !

Brian May: Work In Progress – 10 June 2020

Hi Folks !

How you doing? Hope you’re doing okay.

This is Bri back on the horse, back on the bike actually. You know it’s become my happy place. as even at the worst of my afflictions I was crawling up in here… I come up here for actually 2 minutes at a time. That was all I could manage. Now gradually increasing, I’m up to 24 minutes. Only level 3 but gotta build gradually, as I’ve discovered.

This has been Hell. I cannot tell you how it’s not only sucked my energy, but killed my will to do things. So that’s why all I wanna talk to you really.

But I’m here. I’m back and I want to say “Hello”.

And there’s lots of things I wanna say looking at the News, but I find it very difficult because possibly, like many of you, I feel scared to say anything, because if you disagree with the kind of “mob” mentality of the moment, you’ve got Hell to pay. So I agree with some of it massively and some of it I don’t agree with. But you think “Dare I speak up and say” – well, not easily ‘cos you risk being pilloried, don’t you. Anyway I’m gonna have a good think about it.

I was hoping the world would pivot – become a better place because of the lockdown and other stuff, but not quite in the way that seems to be going at the moment. Anyway, I’m running out of words.

I wish you lots of love and luck and I hope to have more coherent stuff to talk to you about soon, and maybe even some music. Maybe I can even get back in there. God Bless!!

Why am I wearing this t-shirt? It’s merchandise !!!… it doesn’t happen very often that I wear a picture of myself. … … … Anyway, you can buy these in QOL if you want – Queenonline. That’s the furthest into advertising I’m gonna get !

God bless you all. MWAAH!!