On the plane home…


Good Morning folks.

Between the clouds - oarallel

On the plane home (already 3 days ago I guess) A quick stab at that tricky little hyper-stereo while the plane is between layers of cloud over England. The challenge is to keep that hyper landscape behind the natural stereo window formed by the plane window ! 

Between the clouds

💥💥💥💥 Anybody wanna guess how it’s done ? [Plus] cross-eyed version – but not if you’re a parallel stereo frees viewer.

And now ? I’m sure I will be a hermit over the next few days, recovering, dealing with a ridiculous amount of jet-lag, and nursing my wounds. But being home is sublime after an intense tour like that, even though it was relatively short.

Thanks to all of you who followed my posting of our adventure in Japan. It was pretty stupendous and my big gratitude to every one of you who came to see us and spurred us on. I’m already adjusting my focus – to Animals, to Science, to
Stereoscopy, and, most of all, to my Family. But of course that passion for Music will always be inside me, waiting for its next chance to get out !!

Love to all — Bri