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Go Nita !!! I’m honoured ! Nita is a monster guitarist – I was happy to meet her at the Sydney Fire Fight concert a few months back when she played with my ol’ buddy Alice Cooper. GO NITA !!! 


Nina Strauss - message from SoFi Stadium

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Thanks  for reminding me of my solo history. I’m proud of it, and I miss it. And yes …

I’m entranced by this. This is reality ! Captured in a way I haven’t seen before. It really IS the Earth’s spin which makes everything seem to swirl dizzyingly around us. The night sky, along with the Sun and Moon, is NOT rotating. We are !! Demonstrated beautifully here. The static part of the image shows our own vast Milky Way galaxy, viewed from our position way out near its edge. Thanks The Our Space.

Credit: The Our Space

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