The first taste – Licensed tease – Follow this Man – Link [Dancing In The Rain]


The first taste !!! PRE-ORDER RIGHT NOW !

Licensed tease ! From the upcoming Live Around the World album. This moment in Japan was the first time we had EVER played this song all together as QAL in front of an audience. Beginners’s luck – huh ?! So ! Full length clip going up on Queen youtube channel.



He may be at this moment the most important man on the planet – for he may be the only one who can lead us in saving our planet and life as we know it. There are many important causes in the world today. But the most urgent cause of all right now is probably saving this deeply injured and distressed planet from the mass extinction that we are now in. This HAS to be a priority, alongside all others – to save the planet and the creatures that live on it, so that there is a future for all species – including humans – and specifically giving respect to ALL creatures. Follow this man – on Instagram and in Life. Only he can save us from ourselves. This is a man worthy to lead us.

Postscript – I was shocked to discover that some people had taken offence at my point of view, expressed in my original post. I apologise to anyone who has felt upset by what I said. There was absolutely no intention to belittle anyone’s cause. I simply believe that the cause of saving the planet demands our urgent attention. So I have reworded the post as above, as some of you have requested. Peace.

Having trouble with links – but I think THIS ONE from Slink will work. Make sure of your early copy of this beautiful track !  Kings Daughters.