Broken Heart 2009


[In reply to LeRoy who wrote an amazing message about a similar heart condition – see also LETTERS:]

On 27 Sep 2020, LeRoy wrote:

…………………i stepped from the spinning shower….and flung myself on the bed. I called out to my wife. She whispered upon entry …..You’re grey!” After calling 911, the EMT said..”You have just had a heart attack”…”WHAT?”..I gasped..looking up to the confused faces of my 3 sons…”and youre having another one as we speak”…..dozens of people waiting for me in the Emergency Dept. upon arrival. Stabilized, I was sent to a larger facility. Inserting the small wire into a major groin artery,  A stent was installed. I felt an immediate release of pressure. Bruise from knee to shoulder…A week in care, then home. A long 3 months to get back to where I was, but ..I was! …as are… you Brian. Chances are slim you will read this, but it made me feel better…writing it down and speaking of it for the first time. I attended many Queen concerts in Vancouver BC . …and loved everyone of them!!!

THANK YOU BRIAN FOR SURVIVING, and telling your story, and educating people….and being an all around nice Human being. It’s wonderful to see a beautiful person succeed and live all “our” dreams….oh!…. and welcome to the Club.

LeRoy Dunn – Surrey, British Columbia Canada (Vancouver)

Wow ! That’s an amazing story – compellingly told ! Thanks for sharing, LeRoy.

I relate completely of course. I was lucky in that my first heart ‘event’ was my only one – and didn’t last very long. But I was unlucky in that I was in the throes of a severe Sciatica at the time – all the way through the procedures and for months after. And I got some pretty decent complications later on from the side effects of the drugs given me to safeguard the stents.

Still – we are both alive to tell the tale !! Hurrah ! Getting to the right hospital quick is definitely a priority if we want to survive !!

I’ll ask Jen to put this up on my Soapbox if it’s up to you ? We may help others in the same situation. But only if you’re comfortable with it. Onwards !!!