Extraordinary event ! – Clip on Queen YouTube


An extraordinary event ! Seen here for the very first time in glorious stereoscopic 3-D ! I was handed this challenge by Dante Loretta – the Project Instigator of NASA’s OSIRIS REx mission – to make a stereo from the images captured in those historic moments when the probe touched the surface of Asteroid BENNU and collected a small bucketful of rubble from its surface. After many hours of head-scratching, HERE IT IS !!!


Osiris REx Asteroid BENNU touchdown - parallel


Osiris REx Asteroid BENNU touchdown - cross-eyed

The precious cargo of collected rocks will be returned to planet Earth for study in the future.

For more info, please visit @osiris_rex – And for more thrills – see the movie !!!


If you want to see the stereo at its best, look at the version with the smartphone on its side, in an OWL VR stereoscope.

Q+AL Somebody To Love YT Premiere slate

I feel obliged to tell you this clip is now up on the QUEEN Youtube channel. Go see !!! Here’s the official blurb ::::

“Queen + Adam Lambert’s Exclusive World Video Premiere of ‘Somebody To Love’, from the Isle Of Wight Festival 2016, taken from the No.1 album ‘Live Around The World’! This Friday November 6th @ 12PM PST / 3PM EST / 8PM GMT

Subscribe here http://qal.lnk.to/SomebodyToLove #QALLive Order the Album here https://qal.lnk.to/LiveAroundTheWorld

Enjoy !