One Beautiful Christmas Challenge !


One Beautiful Christmas Challenge !

This is the exact performance I delivered to Kerry for our live IG launch – magically channelled through her laptop !

Brian May: One Beautiful Christmas Challenge !

So here’s an opportunity to have yourself a Kerry Little Christmas – by joining me in your own live rooms ! Need to rehearse ? Get the words ? You’ll find all you need in my SLINK – to stream or download the complete track, or watch the video on my YouTube Channel. Go !!! Have fun !!

By the way, this is my favourite Hummingbird acoustic – bought in Japan around 1975 – which I’ve used on every tour with Ms. Ellis. And going further back – it’s one you hear at the end of The Prophet’s Song on the QUEEN “A Night at the Opera” album – leading into “Love of my Life”. And “Dreamers Ball” too, I seem to remember ….