Scent from Heaven !!! Soul alive and well


SCENT FROM HEAVEN !!! Wild Animal Rescue never smelled so good ! Join Sergio Momo’s launch today ! This amazing man is doing something wonderful for animal welfare. Link HERE.

Save Me Trust perfums - launch  notice

Wow ! Haven’t heard a voice like this in years … had to share. Thanks Talia Dean for the heads up – you need to sing with this guy !!! Folks ! Check him out – Soul is alive and well – in Mike Yung – and this track will inhabit your head !!! Link HERE or YOUTUBE

Mike Yung

Mike Yung – Alright (Official Music Video)

Yes – I’m resisting commenting on what’s happening in the USA right now – although I’ve been glued to it on TV the last few days. I’m feeling the pain of my dear friends – but also feeling hope.

God bless.