Kapow !!! – On the way


Bri leaping out of the frame by Chiara Tomaini

Totally leaping out of the frame !!! Very ingenious !

Thanks Chiara Tomaini for capturing a mood so beautifully. Now I can treasure that feeling long after it has left my body.

Even in the lovely sunshine of today I found it hard to shake off the carping feelings of despondency which reach up and crawl around me as these days slip by. But I will get back in there tonight and try to reignite the smouldering embers of the Spirit of Rock !!! Apparently we need landscape vids rather than portrait, so I need to do that anyway. Be strong, folks.

Somehow …. somehow …. it’s gonna be all right !

Bri and Kerry by NENU Il ARTS

Perfect job NENU Il ARTS – THANKS ! Yes … this is a perfect set-up for our new track – which is – ON THE WAY !!! [Kerry Ellis]