Life on Mars ? – Fun and Games – Videoing up on my roof


Life on Mars ? Who said they can see paw prints ? !! A beautiful new stereo assembled by Claudia Manzoni @lonely_whispers_ and adapted for IG by myself. The brand new Perseverance Rover is currently sitting on the surface of Mars sending back hundreds of incredible photos of the surrounding terrain in Jezero Crater. This is just one small detail – one component part of a number of huge panoramas the Mastcam-Z camera team is currently stitching together. Perseverance team are making huge amounts of data instantly available to the public – to be found at the URL in the following credit ! Perseverance/Mastcam-Z – Sol 2 NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS

Images from

SEE parallel

Mars in Jezero Crater - parallel

and cross-eyed viewing versions.

Mars in Jezero Crater - cross-eyed

Eeek ! Fun and games !!!

Up on my roof, with my pals. It’s been a while.

Brian May: Up on my roof – 26 Feb 2021

I think we’re all feeling thankful for the blue sky and sunshine. Yes, I did miss most of it, because I insanely worked through the night until 7am. It seems my spirit is more or less permanently on LA time – but my body is anchored in the UK.

Hope you’re all bearing up out there. I think the prolonged restrictions brought about by the mis-management of our response to this challenge to humanity are … now wearing us down. I don’t like subscribing to false optimism – because I don’t want to be disappointed. I’d rather accept and make lemonade out of lemons. But … well, dreaming is allowed ! Take care out there. The bombs are still falling.

With love