Lovely launch party tea party !!! Question



Jen T wrote:

Probably raised before – why do we get a mirror image (reverse) in this way of transmitting.. [referring to printing on Brian’s t-shirt being reversed].

Reverse print t-shirt

From ‘Panic Attack 2012’ online Launch Party

See Video:–47sg54rs | Single available HERE


Brian replied:

Well, I’m no expert. But my version of the truth here is …

For these transmissions we’re using the BACK lens of the phone … the one that normally points towards us when we’re looking at the phone screen. We do that because we can monitor what we look like when the signal goes out. Now the smart phone is always set up to show us the image from this lens laterally reversed. Why ? Because, when we’re trying to use it as a mirror to check our hair or make-up or whatever, it would be too weird for us if it were a true image. We’d be combing the wrong side of our hair.

So in the transmission situation, if it’s giving US that mirrored signal, it will give the same to everyone else.

Why do we normally not notice this ? Because as soon as the phone camera is in playback mode it forgets all about the mirroring thing.

It stores and plays the image back just as another person would have seen us – the correct way round. Just like all the images it has in its memory taken using the front lens(es).

Try it – right now ! Take a selfie with your tongue ponting out to one side. Note how it looks on the screen while you do it. Then play back the image.

See ?

So how can we make our Zoom and Facetime and Instagram Live images come out the right way round ?

Use the front lens instead. But you won’t be able to see yourself, or the person you’re talking to !!

If you’re looking at a recorded version of the conversation, there is a function to flip it laterally, in the edit section for videos.

Then all will be well ! Maybe we should put this up on Soapbox questions ?