Wisdom – Driven By You – 3D-Con


Wisdom. In a fortune cookie. I’m keeping this one where I can see it.

Fortune cookie

Beautiful time-lapse from super-talented artist Marilyn Chaparro. Thank you !!!! Have a great week, folks.




Thanks QOL (and Mr Lupton) for this trailer. The full video is on the official Bri YouTube channel ! I’m impatient for 6th Aug – but you can pre-order. And if you preorder now, apparently you get “Instant Gratification” in the form of DRIVEN BY YOU ! I’m gonna try it myself !

I’m proud of the growing stereoscopic community – and it gives me great pleasure to open up my phone of a morning and feast my eyes on a whole spectrum of new stereo views. It’s a very pleasant dream come true. For those of you hovering on the edge of 3-D – come on – jump in ! Your smart phone is all you need ! And I would recommend a little genius app called i3DSteroid ! Well, every now and then something really jumps out. This, in my humble opinion, is just about as good as a stereo can get. In every respect, it delivers. Beautiful ! It’s an in-depth world out there ! Enjoy ! And – respects, Vanessa Grein ! Below: move from the ‘relaxed eyes parallel free-view’ version to the ‘squinting closely inwards cross-eyed’ version.

Sign up ! For 3D-Con !!! The (USA) National Stereoscopic Association rocks !! I’ve been a member for 100 years !!! Well …. Not quite 100 …