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Next episode of Queen The Greatest !! A big nod to our Japanese friends.

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Organic stereos?

Hmmm …. (thanks Jane Sabini for noticing !)

Hey folks. I wanted to make sure you all got the chance to see and hear this new video in its best form.

Word Premiere Brian May “Driven By You”

I spent a good nine hours on a beautiful sunny day, locked in a dark edit suite, working with the great Simon Lupton in this new exit – which we generated from two old videos and some raw live footage from 1992 ! We began by comparing the shots that had been chosen from the original video edits – but putting them side by side in two boxes. Then we found we enjoyed looking at the material that way so much we decided to actually use some of that in the final cut. And some of it tantalisingly generated some stereoscopic content if we let it, due to small offsets in the synch. In the video you see lots of dear pals of mine, to whom I owe so much ….

Back to the Light backing singers - Maggie Ryder. Miriam Stockley, Chris Thompsoon plus Brian May
Maggie Ryder. Miriam Stockley, Chris Thompsoon plus Brian May

Only for those who are interested in backstory detail. My backing singers in this period of my life were great too. On the left as you see them … first the lovely Maggie Ryder – herself a great solo artist and songwriter too – she co-wrote ‘You’re the Voice’ – which became a huge hit for John Farnham (yes – I was honoured to play the song with him last time in Australia at the unforgettable Fire Fight Concert). Next – in the middle – the acclaimed Miriam Stockley – from South Africa – also a solo artist in her own right and a writer. In the right – yes – Chris Thompson – of Manfred Mann [Manfred Mann’s Earth Band] fame – a man with a truly extraordinary set of pipes – who coached me on breathing and developing my range while we were on tour. Chris also had a big hand in writing ‘You’re the Voice; and sings it to devastating effect .

Who else can you spot in the video ? … in black and white, fleetingly, you can see my dear Tech Man Brian Zellis – aka ‘Jobby’ at the time – my devoted Guitar tech, who ran my guitar and me for many years towards the end of the Queen glory days, and remains a trusted and precious friend. Nice to see him here – on a stage in Rio in sound check. You can also see some great fans who greeted me on our arrival in Brazil … I wonder if any of you guys can see this – I hope you’re still OK. Let me know ! I’m pretty sure one of those boys in that car crazily following us gave me an Indian Chief pendant which I still wear to this day. But that might have been in Argentina … and you can catch a couple of glimpses of our one and only Spike Edney – who also stuck by me in the Brian May Band all through that era – and of course has become a pillar of the QAL live act. What else can you see in the video ? Steve Ferrone ? Legendary cohort of Eric Clapton, he was my other great find for the Seville show – and later also took over on a ‘cocktail’ drum kit for some of my more acoustic adventures. And … ? Something else ?