Back to the Light update !


Back to the Light update !

Brian May: Back to the Light update – 25/08/2021

Transcript by Jen Tunney

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to deliver a little update from your Commanding Officer. Actually this whole thing maybe is getting a little too military. I don’t know. A couple of people have said to me they feel a little uncomfortable about the “Army” thing and I understand that. I guess I have as my example the Salvation Army, who’ve been fighting poverty for a long time. Sometimes you’ve got to fight but if selling my album isn’t a good enough cause to fight for then I can accept that, you know like, but I hope for those beautiful people out there, all of you who have joined the Army, hope we can do some good in the world. We could start by trying to end the badger cull again – it’s still there, still there. I can’t believe they’re still doing that.

But anyway – what else do i have to say? Apologies for the t-shirts. It just took a hell of a long time for them to print more of them. We’re a victim of our own success then. We sold a thousand in the first couple of days which I never ever expected. We have another one now I’m sporting here – but also thank you for putting the album out there. I really appreciate it. It feels amazing to have “Back to the Light” out there, especially in the beautiful box, which I just love holding really. It’s like tying up things which were in danger of getting lost. We’re now working on “Another World” in the same way. I’m looking forward to have a box – having a box that’s of a similar feel to that and it’ll be kind of part of the set and then we’ll move on after that maybe. Maybe “Star Fleet”. After that I’m not sure, but there’s an awful lot of stuff I’d like to put out there again.

Exciting today – we have a new release, which is the “Back to the Light” Art Book by Sarah Rugg, and I’m fully aware that a lot of you are probably angry with me for publishing a book with her and not with you guys, because there’s so many amazing artists out there who I love and respect. But Sarah gave me a great present. First of all just the book, which seemed to very well illustrate the “Back to the Light” journey and also it’s a gift to the Save Me Trust, which will be great and we will be much appreciated and all the wild animals around here will appreciate it.

But I love doing things with people who are creative and I’m looking forward to doing more with more of you as time goes on. You can only do what you feel at the time though, can’t you.

This just leapt out at me and I thought if we don’t do this right now, we’ll never do it. So I hope you enjoy the book. I think a lot of you really will. It even has stereoscopic illustrations, which are damn hard to do. Very few people have successfully negotiated that path. I think you’ll enjoy that. There is actually also a set of cards which will be on VERY short release. We just have a few of them. They’re handmade by Jamie, our designer, so I’ll put them up at a later date – all from the book.

So it’s a beautiful day here and they’re rare so I’m going to go for a little walk – try to stretch my weary legs and love you lots, folks. Thank you so much for being there for me and making “Back to the Light” a success and on we go.

Oh – yes, I have one more shot, which is the – my video for “Back to the Light”, which is a kind of time traveller – a little saga – and we’ve put a lot of thought and work into this and I hope you will enjoy something a little different like a sting in the tail.

God bless you all. Thanks very much.