Raising a cup/Bri-TV – Mars stereos – Sarah Harding


Raising a cup ! Bri with a birthday message and some words about this coming Friday. BRI-TV transmissions will be found on INSTAGRAM channel ! Join us.

Brian May: Raising a Cup – 5 Sept 2021

Hi Folks

So let’s just say a few words. Here’s Freddie’s birthday as we all know, and I’m sitting down here having a nice cup of tea and wishing i could share a cup of tea with Freddie, but it’s not to be, but I do feel that he’s very much here and all around us and if I want to remind myself of how glorious he was and is, I put on the Queen version of his epic song ‘Made In Heaven’ and it all opens up to me. It’s a labour of love from us but built around that wonderful conception that Freddie had among many. So, Happy Birthday, Freddie, and I hope you all – hope you’re all raising a cup of tea out there or maybe a glass of… – probably.

I’m taking to the air again this Friday. It will be Bri-Day 2 and a little bit different from Bri-Day 1, where we will be on BRI-TV at unpredictable times during the day starting pretty early though because I’m on “Good Morning Britain” TV at some hideously early hour but it will be worth it because they’re going to play 30 seconds – the first time anyone has ever seen a piece of my new “Back to the Light” video – “The Time Traveller” and then we’ll be headed out to do some stuff all day, including a Q&A in front of an audience of prize winners, and we’ll be putting that on BRI-TV too, and then premiering the whole video which I’m very proud of. I’m quite excited about the little movie, and after that I’ll be taking to BRI-TV to do interactions like we did on the first Friday and I’m hoping to meet some new people because that’s always fun and do some interacting.

Meanwhile, have a lovely Sunday wherever you are enjoy this little bit of sunshine if you’re in Britain. My God, that’s unexpected and to be treasured and take care of you. Take care and God bless. I will perhaps see you this coming Friday. God bless.


Mars Perseverance Stereos – FROM YOU !!!

This collection is a sample from the stereos I have seen on Instagram from you stereographers out there – who followed my signpost to the Mastcam-Z site and embarked on making your own stereos from the wealth of material in their archive. If you watch this in IGTV you can move around the movie at will and pause on any picture you choose. Sorry the formats are all mixed up, but it’s a product of all the different designs our community Mars 3-D scouts chose. Hope you enjoy at your leisure !

There’s a great variety of results here. Some great observations and insights – some nice accurate alignments – some humour too ! Parallel and cross-eyed versions. And notice the last 6 by Mary F. Apart from being perfectly aligned and framed, and giving us parallel, crosseyed AND Anaglyph versions … we also see the full credit and the reference numbers for the images in the archive that these stereos were made from. To be of maximum use to future visitors, this information always needs to be included. Jim Bell, the boss man of Mastcam-Z, has told me he would welcome contributions to the public area on their website from all of you. The URL is https://mastcamz.asu.edu/mars-images/public-submissions/ —- CONGRATULATIONS to all you astro-stereo creators !!! Proud of you all !! @stereoscopemania @hubbledoge @f.8.125 @vanessa.grein @stereojazz.3d @magnolia_stereos @maryf.3d @3dmovieman


AND … this material is up there on the Mastcam-Z site – and up for grabs by ANYONE ! These NASA data are free of charge for anyone to process and publish. But make sure you put the appropriate credits on !

Apologies if I left anyone out – let me know !

Apologies @stereoscopemania – I spent hours putting this together but seem to have missed you out ! Well, here we go – and very nice too ! Go Astrostereocreator !

Mars stereo

OK ! I know I’m speaking to a minority of you folks who are as enthralled by 3-D as I am .. but here’s one more Mars Perseverance stereo afficionado. Apologies – I’m now bringing my records up to date. This guy is an expert and very innovative. He’s also a renowned musician, just so you know ! He gives us 3-D MOVIES of Mars landscapes – again derived from the wonderful material that the Mastcam-Z team share on their website. Here we have a 3-D movie (better than mine, I think) of the helicopter Ingenuity taking off. And we have a zooming and scanning version of these Martian rocks as a video, plus the stills in parallel and crosseyed 3-D – and an Anaglyph (please view with your red and green specs). Thanks @worldofdepth http://worldofdepth.com/links.html for these pleasures !!

Mars - World of Depth

Sitting here wondering how to wind up this day.

To be honest, 5th Sept is not a day of celebration for me … it’s always tinged with darkness and unresolved feelings of regret. But this beautiful new portrait of Freddie by my dear friend Chiara Tomaini reminded me that Freddie’s star still burns bright – and who could have imagined that his light would reach every corner of this crowded world …

Freddie - bright star by Chiara Tomaini

In the midst of it all, another great sadness – a young and beautiful talent – Sarah Harding – struck down in the prime of her life.

Sarah Harding and Brian
Sarah Harding and Brian

Sending love to her band mates tonight – I know how that feels. And heartfelt condolences to her family and friends, including you, dear Talia – I know you were very close. And so another night comes down on this side of the planet – and another dawn is on the way – another day – another sunrise – to be grateful for. Onwards, dear folks … let’s not waste a second.