Today! On CBBC TV – Dinner-time planning


Today ! On CBBC TV at 5.45pm London time – my serious dramatic debut as the Godfather of Rock ! Don’t miss it – especially if you have kids of school age ! Or if, like me, you are just a big kid yourself. ODDSOCKS ROCK !!!

Here you see us when our day of shoot was done and the Planet Rock episode was in the bag. These guys are a joy to be with, and what they do for kids who feel ‘left out’ is phenomenal.

If you’re not in the UK, can you get into BBC iPlayer from where you live ? If so, the episode is already up there – so enjoy !!

BELOW see us all in the ‘Rock and Roller’ – the Oddsocks tour bus – which, unusually, can fly through space ! It’s all in the episode. Also you might spot my good lady wife Anita on the bus. Her episode is transmitted same time next Tuesday. In which she plays two Scottish Ladies – one of whom is a ghost !!

Brian May and Anita Dobson with The Odd Socks
Brian, Anita, Andy and The Odd Socks

Cheers – BRI

Brian and Anita at dinner
Brian and Anita – dinner meeting 26 Jan 2022

Dr and Mrs May out for a serious dinner-time planning meeting last night Hope your week is going well, folks.