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Good news for Andy and The Odd Socks fans…

Brian May - Godfather of Rock

Andy and the Band returns for a third series of comedy capers with a new manager, a mission to save planet rock and a galaxy of guest stars

Sir Brian May, Kimberly Wyatt, Ella Toone, Nina Wadia and Rustie Lee rock up to join the fun while Dave Grohl’s “arch nemesis” Nandi Bushell stars in her first acting role

Look out for Brian on the following on these dates – on  BBC CBeebies:

Episode 1 on Mon 13/11/23  – Rock Fall [CBBC 08.00am Sky Channel 607]
Episode 19 on Thurs 7/12/23
Episode 20 on Fri 8/12/23




Sir Brian May, Kimberly Wyatt, Ella Toone, Nadia Wadia and Rusty Lee Rock Up to Join the Fun while Dave Grohl’s “arch nemesis” Nandi Bushell stars in her first acting role

The hugely popular, music-driven comedy featuring Andy (Andy Day) and his band mates, the Odd Socks, returns to CBBC and iPlayer with twenty more fun-filled episodes from Monday, November 13, as Andy and the Band rise to their biggest challenge yet – saving Planet Rock!  But of course, it’s never straight forward when it comes to the Odd Socks – with typically hilarious results.

Also rocking up for the ride is the band’s new manager, Emerald, played by teenaged drumming sensation and global internet phenomenon Nandi Bushell in her first lead acting role.  And, proving that Andy and the Odd Socks are the sock ‘n’ rollers that everybody wants to gig with, are guest stars: legendary rocker turned children’s TV star Sir Brian May; Pussycat Doll and presenter Kimberly Wyatt; legendary Lioness Ella Toone; comedy actor Nadia Wadia; and much-loved TV chef Rusty Lee.

In this third series, Planet Rock is in distress due to a lack of pure, honest rock music coming from Earth and the Godfather of Rock (Sir Brian May) is very concerned. He feels the solution may lie with Andy and the Odd Socks and the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition.  But his Goddaughter Emerald (Nandi Bushell) is already one step ahead of him and sets off for earth in her rock pod to help out.  Can Emerald help our heroes triumph at the Battle of the Bands, despite stiff competition from sneaky Sandy and the Same Socks? Well, the future of rock depends on it (no pressure!). 

Meanwhile, Andy and the Band still have to meet the daily demands of their family, fans and friends.  From getting sucked into a computer game to staging a fictional court case and investigating the theft of some prized vegetables to stopping a time-travelling pirate in his tracks, no odd job is too odd for the Odd Socks as they embark upon a myriad of musical missions.

Andy Day says: “We’re back with more mayhem, more epic oddsocky tunes, great guest stars and more cheesy puffs for Whiff! This series there is a narrative that runs through all of the episodes which reaches an explosive crescendo at the end when we HAVE to win the Battle of the Bands because the future of rock depends on it! Do we do it? You’ll have to watch and see!”

Nandi Bushell, who rose to prominence after jamming with Lenny Kravitz and appearing on stage with rock royalty The Foo Fighters, says: “I have never performed a speaking acting role before so playing Emerald in Andy and the Band was the perfect first role for me.  Working with Brian May was a dream come true! He is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. He let me play his guitar and gave me a few lessons when we were on set and made me feel really special.”

Described as “modern day Monkees”, madcap musicians Andy and the Odd Socks (Andy (vocals), Rio (guitar), Moxy (drums), Blu (base) and Cousin Mac (keyboard)) have won the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere since Andy and the Band first made its debut during lockdown. 

The band has rocked out countless venues around the country including appearances at Glastonbury, Bestival and at the Eurovision Village in Liverpool.  And as ambassadors for Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day (Monday 13th November), they continue to spread a message of inclusivity and respect and that children should embrace their individuality.

Andy and the Band is executive produced by Tamsin Skan-Turner and Jon Turner and by Lucy Pryke (BBC).  It is made by Ninja Pig Productions for the BBC.




Planet Rock is in distress due to a lack of pure, honest rock music coming from Earth and the Godfather of Rock (Sir Brian May) is very concerned. He feels the solution may lie with Andy and the Odd Socks and the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition.  But his eccentric Goddaughter Emerald is already one step ahead of him and sets off for earth in her rock pod to help out by pretending to be the band’s new manager.  Meanwhile, can the Odd Socks help save Andy’s old school Rock Club?

Brian May watching Andy And The Band
Brian May watching Andy And The Band


Instead of rehearsing ahead of the Battle of the Bands competition, Moxy, Rio, Mac and Blu are having a gaming marathon. Andy’s not impressed; he doesn’t get all this gaming nonsense. But when the band accidently get sucked into the game, it’s up to Andy to get through a series of gaming challenges and save them all.

Ep3 – TURN IT UP TO 11

Backstage, the Odd Socks are preparing but the theatre is a bit of a labyrinth and with ten minutes to stage time, the Odd Socks all set off in different directions.  Lost and on his own, Andy meets Kimberly Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls who got lost backstage some time ago and has been surviving on popcorn and tiny tubs of ice cream ever since. Can Andy find a way to get to the stage in time for the band’s performance?


After a surprise visit from Blu’s Gran (Rusty Lee), Blu reveals that he hasn’t told her he’s in a band because she wouldn’t approve.  Thinking on their feet, the Odd Socks are somehow forced into pretending that he’s a lawyer and form an elaborate plan to fake a court case with the help of their fans. But can they keep up the lie?


The Odd Socks meet a stern Dad, Brian who is concerned that his son Charlie is sleeping in and won’t get up for school because he’s been staying up late and listening to Andy and the Odd Socks.  Band manager Emerald doesn’t like them taking on odd jobs anymore but when Brian threatens to cancel Charlie’s ticket to the gig that night the Odd Socks have no choice.  With eight minutes to spare, can the Odd Socks get Charlie into school on time?


The Odd Socks are in town to pick out costumes for Taylor Swift’s fancy dress party but they keep getting mobbed by fans and come back empty-handed.  Deciding to dress as superheroes instead, the Odd Socks get the wrong day for the party and find that they can walk around town unrecognised.  Can Captain Nostrils and the Super Socks remain undetected and do some good deeds for the people of Oddchester?


Double booked for a gig and their Battle of the Bands audition and not wanting to let down their fans, the Odd Socks unveil digital duplicates of themselves – The Oddatars – and even manager Emerald is fooled.  But when The Oddatars start to glitch on stage and play wrong notes, it’s up to the Odd Socks to come clean and save their reputation.


When Moxy misses practice, the band grow suspicious. What if she’s joined a new band? There’s only one way to find out.  Dressed in their spy disguises, Andy, Mac, Blu and Rio (painted as a red brick wall) follow Moxy and find that she hasn’t joined a new band but a new football team – the Tigers.  When the Tigers challenge the Odd Socks to a match, Andy has to call on secret coach, England Lioness Ella Toone, to help them brush up on their skills, but will it be enough?


When the band agree to look after Mac’s Mum’s (Siobhan Redmond) farm for the day, Mac is delighted, while Blu is worried about his pristine new trainers.  The Odd Socks are soon thrust into an investigation after her prized vegetables are stolen right before the Mighty Vegetable Competition. Mac wonders if it could it be down to the mythical Ninja Pig and sets out a muddy plan to capture it.  Will the Odd Socks recover the vegetables in time for the competition?


Dressed as pirates, the band are excited to be shooting their new music video.  Rio is particularly pleased, until he realises everyone has a hat except him. But when Mac tries to conjure Rio up a hat from some nearby pirate treasure, he accidentally brings a portrait of a pirate – Scarybeard (played by Pirates of the Caribbean’s Angus Barnett) – to life. The situation gets even worse when Mac tries to get Scarybeard back to 1673 but sends Moxy time-travelling instead!  Can the Odd Socks outwit Scarybeard and get Moxy back to the present day?


When the Rock ‘n’ Roller breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the band are shocked to find a spooky village that’s haunted by an evil music-banning beast! Told by the Mayor that they should leave, the Odd Socks are keen to investigate and split up to search for clues.  Can the Odd Socks solve the mystery of the music-hating monster and restore harmony to the village?


With pressure from Emerald to come up with new songs, the band dig up a time capsule to listen to the first song they ever recorded.  But when they listen to the CD, they realise it’s the worst song ever and if it ever got out into the world, it would the end of the Odd Socks! Thinking he can force the end of the band; Whiff posts the CD to the record company and soon it’s released and heading for the radio. Can Andy stop it in time?


Excited to have a fresh new look for a fan meet and greet, Andy sings in the shower whilst using Mac’s new super-duper shampoo mix. Problem is, it turns Andy’s hair bright pink! Only one person that can save his hair – his Mum!  But when the band dash to Andy’s Mum’s salon, she’s rushed off her feet and they offer to take over while she visits the spa.  All is going well until some royal visitors turn up at the salon. Will the band be able to cope with their regal customers?

Ep14 – GAME, SET & MAC

It’s the day of the Double Trouble Adult and Child Tennis Tournament and the Odd Socks are excited to support Ruby and Andy’s Mum. But when Andy’s Mum gets injured, Ruby needs to find a new doubles partner. Help comes from an unlikely source when Mac confronts a traumatic tennis memory, to unearth a secret talent and take to the court once again.

Brian May and Nandi Bushel
Brian May and Nandi Bushel


Attempting to become young again, Whiff sneaks up to Mac’s latest invention while the Odd Socks are asleep and starts randomly pressing buttons.  But when his bag of cheesy puffs falls into the ‘wee box’ it whirrs into life and accidentally turns the Odd Socks into babies! With Whiff as their babysitter, how will the baby-faced band do an interview and play a gig?


After Moxy’s drums go missing Andy concludes it was their rival band, Sandy and the Same Socks, led by Andy’s old adversary from school. The Same Socks have been dressing up exactly like the band members and they have even replaced the Odd Socks at number one in the charts.  When Blu, Rio and Whiff also go missing, Andy’s paranoia hits overdrive and a chase ensues as Andy accuses Sandy and the Same Socks of stealing everything!


It’s the band’s anniversary, a Bandiversary, and the party prep is in full swing. But Andy has double-booked himself and has to duck out of the Bandiversary celebrations to attend a family party, much to the upset of Moxy and the rest of the band. Convinced that Andy needs saving, Moxy rallies the others and ‘Operation: Save Andy’ is afoot whether he wants to be rescued or not!


Walking onto the Rock ‘n’ Roller to find the rest of the band bickering, Andy decides he needs to step up his leadership skills. Helped by a video tutorial about ways in which he can lead the band with success Andy is inspired. But will his unusual methods – and even more unusual costumes – make things better or worse?



Finally, it’s the day of the Battle of the Bands competition and the Odd Socks rehearse their rival-beating song – ‘Who’s in the Odd Socks’. Meanwhile, the situation on Planet Rock has worsened.  With Emerald’s nerves escalating and she uses her wrist watch to call the Godfather of Rock (Sir Brian May). When the band realises that Sandy and the Same Socks are playing their own version of ‘Who’s in the Odd Socks,’ the pressure intensifies and their route to victory looks in jeopardy.  But when a call from an employee at the record label reveals that they have no knowledge of an “Emerald”, The Odd Socks are confused – who is she working for? They turn to see Emerald speaking animatedly with Sandy!

To be continued…

Andy and the Band – ft Brian May and Nandi




Emerald receives a stark call from the Godfather of Rock (Sir Brian May). Planet Rock is starting to crumble. The power of rock has never been weaker. He tries to encourage Emerald to not give up but she’s beginning to worry.  Meanwhile, Andy is furious. They have been sabotaged by the Same Socks, betrayed by Emerald and are now firmly in last place! Will Emerald come clean about her mission?  Can the Godfather of Rock find words of inspiration for the band? Has Whiff’s double-crossing left him in danger?  And can Emerald and Andy and the Odd Socks pull it out of the bag and put on one last performance to win Battle of the Bands and save Planet Rock?



You’re back!  What can viewers look forward to seeing in series three?  

More mayhem, more epic oddsocky tunes, great guest stars and more cheesy puffs for Whiff! Ha! Me and the Odd Socks have a new ‘manager’, Emerald, played by the super talented Nandi Bushell. Emerald has actually been sent from Planet Rock on a secret mission by none other than the Godfather of Rock himself Sir Brian May. Andy and the Odd Socks HAVE to win the Battle of the Bands because the future of rock depends on it! Do we do it? You will have to watch!

What’s different about this series?

This series is different as there is a narrative that runs through all of the episodes which reaches an explosive crescendo at the end with the Battle of the Bands.  The thing we set out to do with Andy and the Band from the very beginning was to make it a family show, something mum and dad would watch with their kids and maybe even get into the music together, which thankfully we see when we perform live. Series three definitely does more of that for sure.

As usual, the Odd Socks get caught up in some hilarious capers – what’s your favourite storyline in the new series?

It’s really difficult to say as each episode brings a different kind of excitement and energy.  But for me it has to be ‘New Kids on the Bus’ as it features my daughter Indiana. Mac invents a machine to turn people younger and in typical style it goes wrong and transforms us into our baby selves (Indiana plays me of course!) It’s such a fun episode and reminds me of John Travolta’s 90s film ‘Looks Who’s Talking’.

Brian May returns in his role as Godfather of Rock – what is it like working with him? 

Brian May is an absolute dream and so professional! We didn’t get to see him on this series as he was filmed on green screen in London but in series two he didn’t disappoint!  He was a hero of mine growing up (I love Queen) so I was nervous meeting him at first. They say ‘never meet your idols’ but I’m so glad that Sir Brian is an absolute star and a legend and once again is brilliant in the series.

Did you have any other standout moments in this series?

I had a few scenes with Kimberly Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls who joined us on stage and rocked out at the end of episode three. She was also an absolute pleasure to work with. We literally gave her an hour to get some dance routines down and tell her what we wanted from her on the stage and she performed it amazingly. That was a standout moment for me.

You must be one of the busiest people in the industry!  How do you juggle your tv commitments, being on the road and being a Dad?

Ha! I like to keep busy, but I couldn’t do it if it wasn’t for my wife, Kat. She used to work in the business so completely gets my work load and is so supportive and just the best Mum. We are a real team, so it’s all thanks to her.

Do your children watch the show and do they give you feedback?

Yes, they love Andy and the Band! My two-year-old says “Daddy band” when she wants to put it on and they dance to the songs and laugh in the right places, which I’m very pleased about! They also both watch the adventures shows especially Indiana as she loves dinosaurs!

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

When I play live with the Odd Socks in shows and festivals, I’m in awe of the way they play and their musicality and it improves my performance. There is a real team spirit on stage with a band.

Who are your musical influences?

Unsurprisingly Freddy Mercury, Ray Charles and my favourite band to listen to is The Cat Empire.

Is Andy and the Band as much fun to make as it is to watch?

Even more fun would you believe?! There is no doubt it’s full-on filming 20 episodes over three months. We started early and finished late and they were long days but the team was incredible, we were always laughing.   Damian who plays Whiff is a good friend of mine and would constantly have me and the band in fits of giggles.  Also, the band are like a family to me. We have been through a lot together since 2017 so, while we all have our quirks, it’s a joy to work with them!



What can you tell us about your character Emerald?

Her heart is always in the right place. She loves rock music. She is musically really talented. She wants to save her home planet. She takes risks. She is the boss.

Are you anything like her?

In a lot of ways we are the same person. But, in a lot of ways we are totally the opposite. We both like rock music, we both like playing instruments, we both wanted to help people and do the right thing. However, Emerald is a little quirky, she can be really naive (I guess because she is not from Earth), Emerald says a lot of silly things I would never say and she eats things I would never eat. Other than that we are pretty similar!

What attracted you to the role?

I have never performed a speaking live acting role before. I have been in the cartoon Teen Titans Go, but that was just my voice and I was in the Cinderella movie with Camila Cabello, but that was not a ‘speaking’ part. The role of Emerald seemed like the perfect role to start with as Emerald and I like a lot of the same things. Except pizza. I hate pizza!

Which do you prefer more – performing music or acting

I like them both equally. They are both really fun. The best thing about acting and music is getting to have fun with either the cast or a band. What’s great about this show is the cast is the band.

Had you heard of Andy and the Odd Socks and seen their TV show ‘Andy and the Band’ before joining the series?

I had not watched the show but I knew of Andy, as I grew up watching his dino adventures. 

What’s been the best thing about joining Andy and the Band?

Everyone in the band and on set are really, really nice people. They made me feel really comfortable. I made loads of new friends. A lot of the time I was the only child on set but I didn’t feel like the only kid as everyone was so fun and silly!

You’ve worked with more than a few music legends already but what was it like working with Brian May?

A dream come true! I have known and loved the band Queen ever since I can remember. I already got to jam with Roger Taylor a few years ago which was incredible. I performed right after Queen the band at the Queen of England’s Platinum Jubilee last year. So to get to actually rock out with Brian was just amazing. Brian is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. He let me play his guitar and gave me a few lessons when we were on set. He made me feel really special. 


What was it like playing on stage with The Foo Fighters?

It’s difficult to put into words. Playing at the Forum in LA was the greatest moment of my life so far. I loved every second of being on stage with the Foo Fighters. 

Who is your favourite Andy and the Band character and why?

Moxy of course! Even before I got to know Holly who plays Moxy I thought she was the coolest, then when I became friends with Holly I loved her character even more. I do really like all the band members. Everyone is nice. There was not one person I worked with that I didn’t like or get along with. 

It was a perfect first role for me. 


·      Andy and the Odd Socks made their debut at Glastonbury in 2017 and have now played over 100 live shows including at the Eurovision Village in April 2023

·      Andy Day is a global star of kids TV.  His shows have been shown in over 30 different countries – from Australia to Poland and from Canada to Brazil

·      Andy and the Band’s new young star Nandi Bushell started drumming at the age of 5.  She has since jammed with Lenny Kravitz and performed on stage with The Foo Fighters twice, at the Forum in LA and at Wembley Stadium.  After a series of lockdown instagram drum battles with Nandi, Dave Grohl described her as his “arch nemesis”!

·      Andy and the Odd Socks have received 2.4 million downloads on Spotify

·      A school in the New Forest has renamed its classes after people they felt had changed the world.  One class chose to be named: “The Andy Day Class:  The Little Odd Socks”!

·      Andy’s content has received over 20 million views on YouTube

·      Andy and the Odd Socks are ambassadors for Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day. The message for this year’s Anti-bullying Week is “Make a Noise About Bullying”

·      In Andy and the Band Sir Brian May plays the Godfather of Rock who is based light years away on Planet Rock.  This is highly appropriate as in 2007, Sir Brian was awarded a PHD from Imperial College, London, for his thesis on the movement of interplanetary dust

·      Other big names who have donned non-matching socks for Anti-bullying week’s Odd Socks Day include Ringo Starr, Ant and Dec, Paloma Faith, Rishi Sunak and Craig David

·      Andy has two daughters one of whom is making her acting debut in Andy and the Band at just xx, playing a baby version of Andy!

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Andy and the Odd Socks are Patrons for the Anti-Bullying Alliance