Hey all Meat Loaf devotees !


Hey all Meat Loaf devotees ! Warning !!!! DO NOT MISS THIS !

Meatloaf - Neverland Express tour

Neverland Express is touring and hits the UK mid-May. This is the closest you could possibly get to those days when we all used go and watch Meat himself tear it up like a Bat Out of Hell. Just so you know – this is NOT a tribute band – but Meat’s incredible actual band – led by his long-time producer and incandescent guitar player Paul Crook and the Mighty Miceli on drums. Singer Caleb has all the power and glory of Meat in his glory days – and this band ROCKS !!! Get tickets now or you might be too late. Swipe for the dates. Visit @neverland_express and @paul.crook.music For details.

See ya there !!!