The Big Issue: Brian May David Cameron shouldn’t be running our country”


Brian May

29 April 2015 by Andrew Burns

Queen guitarist Brian May tells The Big Issue that the PM stands for “privilege and the continuation of inequality”

Don’t stop him now. Brian May is on a mission to clean up Westminster and wants to usher in the end of the two-party political establishment.

The legendary Queen guitarist, animal rights campaigner and renowned astronomer recently launched his Common Decency campaign, which aims to encourage more people to vote and calls for radical political reform.

“The first past the post system is a disgrace,” Dr May said in this week’s Big Issue. “It’s been clung on to by the people that it benefits, which in itself tells you that democracy is not working.

We have an electoral system that is manifestly unfair“We have an electoral system that is manifestly unfair. How can you have one party with £15million of promotion – the Conservatives – and then another at the other end of the scale – the Green Party – with three and sixpence? It’s insane.

“We want to look at a new collection of MPs on May 8 and see a situation where there will be freedom, where the two-party system will be defunct.”

Dr May, once a vocal supporter of the Conservative Party, is angered by talk of a future Tory government putting forward a bill to legalise fox hunting, and believes David Cameron shouldn’t be running the country.

“It’s beyond belief that anyone can find pleasure in torturing an animal to death,” he said. “This government that has just finished its term of office, they are basically foxhunters. Moreover, they’re proud of it.

“I regard it as one of our briefs to make sure that people know that that is what David Cameron stands for, what William Hague stands for, what George Osborne stands for; a return to the old barbaric ways.

“People who are prepared to ride roughshod over animals are also prepared to ride roughshod over humans. They shouldn’t be the people running our country.”

“I might sound anti-Tory but I would say I’m very anti-David Cameron,” he added. “He stands for privilege, for the continuation and acceleration in the difference between the extremely rich and extremely poor. I find that iniquitous and almost beyond belief.

“If the outcome is another David Cameron-led government then we’re back in the salt mines. Like many people, anything but that would be good.”

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