Sapparo – Another Day, another pile of snow


Sapparo snow

Sapporo snow. Another day, another pile of snow ! I’m sure with this much snow overnight London would be at a stand-still – but here nobody turns a hair. It’s a beautiful crisp morning and we are heading back to Tokyo. BIG THANKS to everyone in Sapporo who made us feel so welcome – you know who you are !! After a 42-year wait it was lovely to see Hokkaido again. Onwards ! Ikimashou ! 2 more big shows !!!

BRIAN MAY: Sapparo – another day -11/02/2024

Arriving (just in time bc) for our last internal flight of the tour. Everyone is so polite and welcoming and helpful here. Someone in my comments was trying to give me grief about using private planes. Generally I immediately block anyone who calls me a hypocrite – who needs to put up with insults in their own comments page ?! Life’s too short!) But of course we’re well aware of all that stuff, and, unlike the disgraceful Rishi Sunak, we actually care about the environment. So when our team are booking a private plane we always contribute to a scheme to offset the carbon emissions, and, overall, short of not touring at all, we apply a lot of effort these days to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

As far as extravagance, some people might take exception to us making ourselves comfortable on tour, but we take a pride in working at the top level, which means taking every opportunity to work with the top professionals in every field – from drivers, caterers, accommodation, to wardrobe, sound, lights, etc, and taking care of them all.

And truly at the age of 76 odd, doing 2 hour twenty minute shows and travelling most days, it would be pretty hard to do this at all without these creature comforts. After about 50 years on the road, I think we paid our dues !

So please go ahead and call me a hypocrite and I’ll take pleasure in blocking you 😊!

And to the rest of you lovely folks, I drink you a toast !

Cheers all


As promised, dear folks, I drink you a toast from our touring jet plane ! Kampai !!! And if anyone thinks I’m being too grand, and ignoring world issues, I refer you to my previous post [above]. We take a pride in delivering joy in these terrible days of conflict and cruelty. And we take care of ourselves as best we can to ensure that we stand the maximum chance of keeping our promises around the world.

Onwards to our tour climax – two giant sold-out shows in the famed Tokyo Dome – this is a first for us. Gotta be ready !!

Actually this is my primary view on the plane … guess who I’m sitting with !

BRIAN MAY: My primary view on the plane – Sapparo to Tokyo 11/02/2024