Penetrating public awareness – letter


Nigel Smale wrote:

Hi Bri, I hope you don’t mind me emailing you

. I’ve been reading through the Common Decency web site, finding it fascinating reading and full of common sense. It does make you wonder why no one has thought of all this before.

I have been discussing it all with colleagues at work, where people show a keen interest and seem to be in agreement with the points that you make. They also feel, like I do, that something needs to change.

However, I am very surprised when they tell me that they had not read, or heard, anything about Common Decency in the news or media and that what I was saying was all new to them. I am aware that I live in North Devon (and that the Pony Express only delivers news from the city every other Thursday) but it concerns me that the message may not be filtering through as quickly as it could. Especially when we bear in mind that in my constituency my MP was elected with a little over 24,000 votes – with more than 23,000 failing to vote at all…

The reason for my email is this. Have you thought of using TV or radio advertising to get the message across? Are there opportunities for you to promote the Common Decency approach on magazine programmes like the One Show, Loose Women, This Morning?

Maybe there are other ways to target the ‘switched off’ youth.

Perhaps flyers could be produced to be delivered to homes – even if only in selected, key areas – encouraging people to read more about candidates in their area and showing how to make an informed choice, rather than settling for the constant lies and empty promises.

I’m sure that you, and your team, have thought of all of these things (and more) but with only a few weeks to go until the country decides… This is an opportunity for change that we cannot afford to miss.

I wish you success…


Brian replied:

Thanks Nigel.

I really appreciate this message.