One Voice [about the Japanese T-shirt in Video] – letter


Masanori & Yumiko wrote:

Hi, Brian,

We are, a Japanese husband and wife, Masanori and Yumiko, again.

We met you many times during the UK tour as VIP backstage tour. Thank you very much for your time and kindness.

How are you? We hope you are well.

Kerry’s new song, ‘ONE VOICE’ is wonderful. The promotional video which showed you and Kelly were looking good.

We found you were playing a red special base guitar! And it showed the reverse! But the T-shirts you wore which was written a Japanese character,’ was NOT reversed! What kind of technique was it???

Japanese Kanji symbol

As the matter of fact, the T-shirts were handed to you during the UK tour from my twin sister, Kanako. Needless to say, Kanako and we are very, very pleased that you were still having it and even you were wearing it in the promotional video. Thank you very much, Brian.

We are continuously looking forward to reading, watching and of course, listening your news and HP.Coincidentally, tomorrow is election day in our prefecture. We will go to vote one. Take care, Brian.

Love always,
Masanori & Yumiko

Brian replied: SEE SOAPBOX