Adam Lambert


On 5 Feb 2021, Phyllis wrote:

Hello Brian,

I am of your generation and a fan of Queen in the old days.

I just want to say how wonderful Queen and Adam are, a breath of fresh air. His voice is out of this world and such a presence. Really great with the band.

My favourite songs are Love Kills, The show must go on, and not to mention the heart wrenching Who wants to live forever.

There is such passion in his voice and his life ethics.

Ihope you get to tour this year we all need something to look forward to these days. I so hope Adam continues with you in the future. God willing Roger and yourself keep fit.

I wish you all the best of luck. Keep playing!!

xx Phyllis

Brian replied:

Thanks Phyllis – for such a great letter. Very encouraging ! I’m glad you’re still with us from the early days – that means a lot. We do what we can. We follow our stars … and not everybody approves of what we do – but I guess it was always that way !

Well ! Rock on ! And … thanks ! Stay safe !!!

Bri X