Queen arrives in Brazil for Rock In Rio promising honouring reddie Mercury’s memory


Queen and Adam Lambert


“I was three, but I did my research and saw how well the Brazilian public,” says Adam Lambert

11 September 2015 by Silvio Essinger

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Queen + Adam Lambert. The American singer met guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor in 2009, when they played together on the TV show “American Idol”; three years later, they would be going out on tour – Disclosure

RIO – Brian May was 38 years old when, on guitar, accompanied Freddie Mercury and 200,000 people to the sound of “Love of my Liffe,” the first Rock in Rio in 1985. Oblivious to all this, the little Adam Lambert began life first at Indianapolis, then in San Diego, USA. He would do three years few days after the festival. Yesterday, the order of things changed: Brian May, 68, totally gray hair, but with the same massive cut ever, drummer Roger Taylor (66 and grandpa’s beard) … and Adam Lambert, one big boy with paints of backcountry star, they came together for a news conference at the Copacabana Palace. Next Friday they will headline the opening night of Rock in Rio, with the name Queen + Adam Lambert.

– I was three, but I did my research and saw well how the Brazilian public – played a friendly Adam, who arrives with the daunting task of taking on the stage the place was the vocalist, pianist and composer Mercury, who died in 1991, AIDS.

– He’s not trying to be Freddie Mercury in any way – assured Roger Taylor.

– There’s nothing we cannot do with Adam. Some things we do even better – completed Brian May, who felt back there, at the Copacabana Palace (where the band Stayed in 1985), memories of the shows at Rock in Rio. – It was shocking how the public understood every word of our songs, especially “Love of myLlife”. Brazil created something special at the time, which gave us extra energy.


The Queen + Adam Lambert touching the Rock in Rio and, before that, passing by St. Paul (16th in the Ibirapuera Gymnasium) followed by Porto Alegre (21 in Gigantinho) had its genesis in 2009. Brian and Roger (that closed that year its partnership disk and shows, five years, with singer Paul Rodgers) were invited to perform at the TV show “American Idol”, playing a classic Queen’s “We are the champions”, with two competitors on vocals: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

Kris eventually winning that season of the show, but it was Adam who got the better – starting in 2012, they, May and Taylor began playing shows together and, two years later, announced a tour of Queen + Adam Lambert with bassist Neil Fairclough , keyboardist Spikey Edney (Queen’s supporting musician in the 1980s, Roger Taylor defines as “the guy who remembers everything that we forget”) and percussionist Rufus Tiger Taylor (son of Roger, with whom he does duels in shows) .

– It happened gradually. At that moment, the “American Idol”, we saw that could be interesting to have Adam singing with us – told Brian May -. After a show for an award ceremony (in 2011, they performed at the MTV Europe Awards in Belfast) a door was opened, and we saw that the thing could actually work.

– And then, when we realised we were doing a world tour together – remembered Roger Taylor.

The reason for the Queen + Adam Lambert have arrived in Brazil a week before the shows is one: a series of tests in order to prepare a show to the occasion. Six months ago they did not play together.

– We have to get back on the beat – explained Adam, gay artist who, in his first visit to Rio, also hopes to be able to check the night program of the city. – But I promise to keep the best part of the fun on stage, not out of it.

Brazilian show will be full of surprises. According to Brian May, it may be that they turn of hits here and there to touch things like “Dragon Attack” (funkeada music less known – but Adam Lambert loves – the album “The game”, 1980). Already “Love of my life” will be presented “in a special way that involves Freddie (Mercury).” The new singer swears he no longer feels the weight comparison.

– I am not quite so intimidated. On the contrary, I am excited about the challenge. Freddie will be present in every song. And these guys here still rock – said Adam, confessing who dreams of one day be able to “play the piano and composing as Freddie.”

Aware that will be playing in Brazil for an audience that largely was not born when the Queen lived its heyday, Brian May is not shy: – The kids know well who we are.

– And even if you do not know who each of us [is], they know the songs – amended Roger Taylor.

– Queen of the show is a kind of family event that unites the generations – opines, in turn, Adam Lambert. – But still, it’s rock’n’roll.

Before the collective trio interview, the vice president of Rock in Rio, Roberta Medina, he talked a little about the importance of the Queen to the history of the festival.

– They were the first band to be confirmed for the Rock in Rio. That attitude helped other bands to confirm their participation in that crazy -. He said. And besides, they lent the entire festival light equipment. Rock in Rio would not have been what it was without Queen.

– I do not know how much longer we can keep playing. Buy your tickets! – He said to just be told that they were sold out.

– So well keep your tickets! – Recommended Adam.