‘The Queen Day In Autumn’ Event – Shinko Music


Flower stand

November 23rd was raining all day long, but our event, QUEEN DAY IN AUTUMN, successfully took place with a fully packed venue.

The venue, the TIAT SKY HALL, is located at Haneda Airport, where Queen landed in Japan for the first time in April 1975. Haneda Airport has become kind of a sacred place for Japanese Queen fans, and our event taking place at Haneda Airport has become an annual event for them.

In spite of heavy rain, Queen fans from all over Japan, came to the venue to commemorate Freddie. A flower stand was set up at the entrance of the venue and the audience placed beautiful bouquets of flowers for Freddie.

This year, Ms. Junko Asahi (translator) talked about the meanings of Queen lyrics, and Ms. Keiko Imaizumi (music critic/DJ) talked about the memory of her interviewing Queen.

A Queen tribute band, Gueen played a fantastic show and paying a tribute to Freddie, Brian, Roger and John’s music.

The audience at the venue, as well as those joining via a online stream fully enjoyed the event and commemorated the life of Freddie and the music of Queen.

I do hope you could get the feel of the event on the day.

Donations from the event will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust – Fighting AIDS Worldwide.

We are always deeply grateful to everyone and the kind understanding and generous support of our events.

Sakurako Takagi