Badger cull: Government refuses to deny marksmen failing to meet target


13 Sepember 2013

A minimum of 2,081 badgers must be killed in Somerset but sources say less than 100 have been shot in two weeks

VIDEO: On the trail of the marksmen

Gordon McGlone‘s insight:
This news should not be greeted as a victory for opponents of the badger cull for two reasons.

Firstly there will be no winners from this messy politics led policy; badger culling will make bovine TB levels higher whilst at the same time confounding the beneficial effects of the full range of other tools in the Defra tool shed.

Secondly there is already pressure to either extend the pilot cull licence Somerperiod and use other control measures.
This article mentions badger gassing. I well remember this from the 1980s when gassing was dropped on the grounds of the lingering inhumane deaths that badgers suffered.

This tawdry tale of politics over policy will contine for a while yet.

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