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Interview at One Mayfair – Fredie For A Day 2013 event:

KEVIN HUGHES (iHEART RADIO): Brian – a very special night – Freddie’s birthday – a big fund raising night – how are you feeling?

BRIAN MAY: Indeed. i – I feel good, yeah. You know it’s always mixed feelings, you know, but celebrating Freddie’s birthday is fine with me and I’m sure it’s something he would be happy with you know, and it makes a great difference for the AIDS cause, doing it as well. We make tons of money, which helps people all around the world with AIDS. And yeah, it’s good…. it generally goes very well, doesn’t it. I think it’s the third one we’ve had and, yeah, generally a very good feeling and it’s great that people volunteer their services – Roger Daltrey doing it this year, and Tom from Keane, you know, and Mel C, so it’s great. It’s actually growing, I think, which is nice.

KEVIN: So many friends in the room as well, Anita, which must make it extra special.

ANITA DOBSON: It does and great to see how people have spent such time in their clothes. I mean, they look FANTASTIC!! Fred would have loved it. He would have loved it – and it’s great that every year we celebrate that he was a wonderful human being and a great singer.

KEVIN: Do you love seeing the pictures around the world, Brian, of Freddie For A Day?

BRIAN: Yeah, it’s nice fun, I think. It’s a focus for the fans, you know. It’s nice. I think we’d all love to be Queen, but you can’t really do it (laughs) without Freddie, you know, so it’s nice to do these kind of occasions, and you know I think it’s a good feeling all round.

KEVIN: I know you’ve been a very busy man in the studio of late and the fans are very excited about what might be coming at the end of this year. What are you allowed to tell us, Brian?

BRIAN: Queenwise – well you know the funny thing is we did the Made In Heaven album and we thought we’d exhausted everything that was around that could be worked on, but since then a number of things have come to light from various sources that we just plain forgotten about, including the stuff with Freddie and Michael Jackson, and there’s quite a few other things. so finally, just a couple of weeks ago, we thought, “Hmm, maybe we shouldn’t be just doing odd bits and pieces. Maybe we should be heading towards an album.” So it just might be. I don’t want to say more definitely than that, but you know, we’re sort of thinking Made In Heaven 2 in a sense, although it wouldn’t be called that. But there is a lot. It’s surprising how much has come to light and it gives you a chance to go back in there, you know, open the box again, and some of the magic may come out.

KEVIN: Exactly. We’re all excited. You’ve spoken as well about the Michael Jackson record. It is coming, is that right? What can you tell us about the release? …

BRIAN: It all sounds great. The Michael Jackson stuff is complicated. I don’t wanna say too much about it, but obviously we have to deal with Michael’s estate as well as Freddie’s estate, you know. We don’t know when we’ll get permission to put that stuff out. It needs everybody’s permission before it can go.

KEVIN (indistinct) … voices on one record.

BRIAN: Yeah, it’s nice. There’s two, both really nice, and there might possibly be another one. S’funny how these things come, you know. You think “Oh no, there’s nothing more” and then “Oh no, what’s that then?”, you know. And there’s a track, well I don’t wanna say too much, you know. A couple of things have come to light. There’s something I’ve been working on last couple of weeks which I’m very excited about and I don’t think anybody out there will remember this track. It was done in a completely sort of offshore kind of way and so we’re doing it in a very different kind of way from the way it was put out at the time. So yeah – lots of good stuff. (laughs)

KEVIN: Good to see you, Brian. There was one news question, which is are you still loving the reaction to the campaign for the badger culling. Are you any update on where you are at…

BRIAN: Ah.. well. I love the reaction, yes, but it’s a very very awful, tragic time, because you’re not seeing it in the papers really – it’s not really being reported. I don’t know. You know I’m very aware that the papers and the media in general are very much gagged by the Government. I mean we’re in a terrible situation and the Government are trying to bring more laws in to stop protesting and to stop, you know, free speech, and it’s a very serious situation. So what’s happening in the country is a blood bath. It’s just too awful to go into details about. You know the badgers are suffering terribly. There are a lot of great people out there, totally peaceful, in a sense, making their point of view known, but also rescuing some of the wounded badgers that run away. It’s a disaster. It is such a tragic disaster and it has to be stopped.

KEVIN: Anita, you’re looking fabulous.

ANITA DOBSON: Thank you very much. Not bad for an old ‘un. (laughs)

KEVIN: Whatever…… (laughter) Go on, it can be a bitter sweet night but I wish you both a very exciting … and obviously raise lots of money tonight.

ANITA: Thank you very much.

KEVIN: Thank you.

BRIAN: Thank you very much. Nice talking to you.

KEVIN: Thank you.

BRIAN MAY; Say “Hi” to Heart.

Brian and Anita were interviewed by Kevin Hughes of iHeart Radio.

Brian May & Anita Dobson talk to Kevin Hughes iHeart 5 Sept 2013 – Made In Heaven 2?