Audio: Queen guitarist Brian May talks about life in the band ahead of Buxton tour date



QUESTION [BUXTON ADVERTISER]: You are best known with being Queen, but your musical experiences are vast and you’ve been in the business for a long time, but I can’t let you go without asking you what it was like being in the band in the heyday. I mean, it was huge, weren’t you?

BRIAN MAY: Yeah, it was amazing. We’re incredibly lucky, and you know sometimes I still wake up and pinch myself and think ‘Did that really happen?’ And it’s still happening, it’s incredible. You know, 40 years later, any country in the world, people know who we are and what we represent and it is incredible, and I’m not, you know, I don’t take it for granted. I think it’s a wonderful thing that happened to us.

Q: I mean I guess when you first started out in the days of Queen, did you ever think that all these decades later, you’d still be performing live, still be involved in music?

BM: I don’t know what I thought, really. I’d no idea. As a boy I couldn’t see further than playing in London, you know. I’d no idea there were such places as Madison Square Garden, the Budokan in Tokyo, and all incredible things we did, you know, in South America, the football stadiums – none of that was on my horizon. It was all a bonus really.

04 January 2014

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has joined forces with West End star Kerry Ellis for a Candlelight Concerts tour, which is coming to Buxton Opera House next month.

Ahead of their February 19 show, they took time out of rehearsals to speak to the Buxton Advertiser. And you can hear a short clip of Brian talking about his experiences in Queen in audio clip:


or youtube below:

Brian May talks about life in the band [Queen] Extract 4 Jan 2014

See the full interview in Thursday’s Buxton Advertiser.