Brian May in the “10 Weirdest Music Stories” of 2013


A Brian May Badger protest song gets a mention in this list:

Ten Weirdest Music News Stories Of The Year
5 January 2014 by Stephen Sheffer


2013 was a monumental year for music. Music fans heard new albums from huge bands like Pearl Jam and Arcade Fire, impressive debuts as well as return albums from artists that haven’t released new music in quite a while like David Bowie. Most of the new music sparked many tours and festivals for fans of live music to enjoy. In many ways however, it was also kind of a bizarre year for music. What better way to relive the year by discussing some of the weirdest music news stories to come out this year? With that being said, let’s take a trip down memory lane….

1, Billy Corgan Teams Up With Walter E. Smithe For Wrestling Commercial.
2. Macaulay Culkin Joins a Pizza Themed Velvet Underground Tribute Band.
3, A Beatles Fan Announced Plans To Clone John Lennon.
4. Liam Gallagher Was Almost Killed By A Blue M&M.
5, Mumford & Sons Were Kicked Out Of A Strip Club In Atlanta.
6. Paul McCartney Claims He Invented The “Selfie”.

Badger Swagger
Badger Swagger

7. Brian May Releases A Protest Song About Badgers.

– Who says that music isn’t political anymore? Brian May had one of the more interesting protest songs under his belt when he released a song protesting the British Government’s decision to cull badgers in an attempt to reduce tuberculosis in cattle. To save the Badgers, the Queen guitarist recruited help from musicians like Slash for a pro-badger song.

“Badger Swagger” was released in June of 2013. “Badger Swagger” is still availabe to download Amazon

8. Ozzy Osbourne Started A Fire While Making A Bacon Sandwich.
9. Plane Forced Into Emergency Landing After Lady Refuses To Stop Singing.
10. Daft Punk Release Brand Of Condoms Called “Get Lucky”.

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