Something completely different – and – Mood in Britain


And now, for me … something completely different.

We’re laying the foundations for this groundbreaking project for South Wales – to banish Bovine TB from the beautiful Gower Peninsula. We believe this will be the new Gold Standard in TB eradication. There is a growing realisation that claims for the success of the present strategy have been faked – giving false hope to Britain’s dairy farmers, and causing the tragic unnecessary and useless slaughter of tens of thousands of mostly healthy badgers. The Gower Project will change EVERYTHING. This is the future – TB eradication without killing wildlife – and TB eradication which WORKS. Hope for the farmers at last. Extravagant claims ? You think ? Time will tell.

We are not in Wales tonight, though. We’re refining our plans at the farm in Devon whose success story will be the model for the new scheme in Wales – collaborating with an already highly motivated group of state-of-the-art Welsh farmers – ready to make history.

Gower Project

What a mood in Britain. What a moment. Parliament prepares to speak. But many believe the people need to speak too. The disastrous result of Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations is a despondent, angry, divided nation. And now … a massive rejection of the PM’s deal by a majority of 230 MP’s. Followed by desperate words from a drowning PM.

Mood in Britain

Which of these faces do you trust?

Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn