Brian’s Stroud visit

Brian on way to Stroud - in car
Always working !!

Brian was back on the road today, this time he visiting Stroud for two events. Firstly SGS College, Stroud Campus giving a talk to students on animal welfare and politics from 2pm.

He headed to Lansdown Hall and Gallery in Lansdown with Angela Smith MP and David Drew to campaign against the Badger Cull in the local area. This meeting starts at 4pm.

Brian outside Stroud College
Outside Stroud College


Queen guitarist, Brian May will be at SGS College’s Stroud Campus tomorrow presenting to students on the pillars of his new Common Decency campaign launched today.

The Common Decency campaign is geared by May’s determination to drive political and social change towards a more compassionate Britain. He calls for radical political reform in the UK, an end to privilege, and the establishment of a true democracy in which the people have an effective voice.

The aim of this is to encourage students to vote and to tackle voter apathy. As Common Decency urges: “Polls are open from 7am – 10pm. You have 15 hours of democracy only every five years. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a change”. Brian, as well, is interested in hearing the views of young people, many of whom may be voting for the very first time. He is keen to hear first-hand what it is that will make them decide on whether they vote, and on what topics they will decide on whom they will place their vote for.

Also a recognised country campaigner and part of the Save Me Trust, Brian will talk about animal welfare whilst at the College.

Vice-Principal Sara-Jane Watkins comments: “We are pleased that our learners have the opportunity to discuss animal welfare issues and politics. In addition, we have many budding musicians at our Stroud campus who are studying Music Technology qualifications and meeting Brian, for many, will be a great privilege.”

Full details of the campaign are made public on the Common Decency website:

“No vote is wasted – No seat is safe – Vote May 7th”