Queen guitarist Brian May in Stroud to tackle voter apathy – 25 March


24 March 2015

QUEEN guitarist, Brian May will be in Stroud tomorrow [Wed 25 March] encouraging young people to vote, and to create a more ‘compassionate Britain’. Brian May will be at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College’s to tell students about his new Common Decency campaign which launched today.

Brian May is calling for radical political reform in the UK, an end to privilege, and the establishment of a true democracy in which the people have an effective voice.

Common Decency is also encouraging students to vote and to tackle voter apathy.

“In the 2010 election almost 38% of the electorate, over 18 million people, did not bother to vote, with the consequence that no one party gathered enough votes to form a government,” said Brian May. “Behind closed doors, deals were done that saddled us with a post-election coalition nobody voted for. In the ensuing bleak five years, this Government, like many before it, has steadfastly resisted every effort to bring about reform, protect those who have no voice, and make Britain a place of equal opportunity.”

Also a recognised country campaigner and part of the Save Me Trust, Brian will talk about animal welfare while at the College.

Vice-Principal Sara-Jane Watkins comments: “We are pleased that our learners have the opportunity to discuss animal welfare issues and politics. In addition, we have many budding musicians at our Stroud campus who are studying Music Technology qualifications and meeting Brian, for many, will be a great privilege.”