Press Release: Brian May and Save Me Trust to launch Common Decency campaign next week, Tuesday March 24


“We have 15 hours of democracy every five years. Use your voice to make a better Britain”. Brian May

Queen guitarist, Brian May, PhD, CBE, animal rights and countryside campaigner, now turns his attention to attempting to inspire people to vote for a radical change in the coming election.

Next week, Tuesday March 24, May launches his Common Decency pre-election campaign with the unveiling of his first campaign billboard sited in Vauxhall, SW8 and a full announcement of his campaign proposals.

Contrary to recent speculation, May is not standing as an independent candidate. Instead he’s aiming his tireless campaigning drive towards inspiring non-voters to vote just this once, and for everyone to vote for individuals of good character, of any party, rather than voting for a party. 

Says May: “Our banner is Common Decency. Common Decency is not another political party. Its view of candidates is not determined by which political party he or she belongs to, but by the qualities of the person. What we are saying is: let’s elect the individuals who we believe will act decently, transparently, and accountably once they sit in Parliament.

“In the 2010 election almost 38% of the electorate, over 18 million people, did not bother to vote, with the consequence that no one party gathered enough votes to form a government. Behind closed doors deals were done which saddled us with a post-election coalition nobody voted for. The electorate has come to believe their votes are meaningless. The whole system needs to be torn apart and rebuilt. It is the time for people to reclaim democracy.”

“Our dream is to produce a result at the next election which will see a House of Commons filled with individuals, who, regardless of their political affiliations, will serve their constituents and their moral conscience first, and their own self-interest and future political  ‘career‘ last. Then, and only then, can we get on with the complete reform of this country’s politics that we all so desperately need.” 

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