“Big Issue” today: ‘Cultural moments of the year’


Big Issue today ….looking back over ‘cultural moments of the year.

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Brian May

26 Dec 2022

Harry Styles’s jumpsuits and the Jubilee: It’s the cultural moments of the year

Our celebrity friends pick the best of culture in 2022.

Brian May – The Platinum Jubilee

“It was really nice to be a part of that. And it was nice for me to be once again a sort of a human icon. It seems to be what I do. I wasn’t on top of Buckingham Palace, but I was up there beside the Queen Victoria in her memorial state. And those things are pretty terrifying to do because they’re one-offs and you could so easily screw it up, and be forever the guy who fucked it up on top of the roof. But the challenge and the adrenaline that flows when you’re doing that kind of stuff is enormous. So for me, it’s hard to say no to something like that. I won’t be going back on the roof because once is enough. I think that the Jubilee was really interesting. There was a very good vibe about it. It is wonderful that the Queen was able to experience it not long before she left the planet. I think it was a thing of great joy. And it sort of united Britain at a time when everybody knew it was actually falling apart. And it didn’t fully fall apart until the Queen died strangely enough.”

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