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Happy couple: Queen legend Brian May arriving with actress wife Anita Dobson at 60th Ivor Novello Awards

Brian May on the new Queen album and Adam Lambert – The Ivor Novello Awards 2015

Brian May has opened up about the potential of a new album from Queen, and the likelihood of them recording with touring singer and American Idol, Adam Lambert

GIGWISE: The question we all want to know is there was talk a while ago of new material with Adam Lambert. How’s that coming along?

BRIAN MAY: It’s not coming along. No we’re not doing that, not at the moment anyway. We might do but the moment we’re watching with interest while Adam pursues his solo career, and it seems to be going very well. I think he’s an amazing, amazing artist. There’s no getting away from that. It’s very interesting to watch him develop. And we’re, I think we’re conscious that he doesn’t want to be with us all the time, you know. That would be so wrong for us to just sort of envelop him and never let him go off and do anything else, so it’s very important that his own career’s progressing now. We’re looking forward to being back together in September to do Rock In Rio and some dates in Argentina and Venezuela, I believe.

GW: Obviously you’re an incredibly prolific artist. Do you, you much do you write….?

BM: Ah, well, I haven’t been writing a lot. No, I’ve been very busy doing other things, so you know, from 1AM to 5AM, in the old days, I would be writing songs, but now I tend to be looking at what the Government’s doing and how I can stop them! Brian May presented Black Sabbath with their career award, to which drummer Bill Ward commented: “It’s been a good 40 years. At least, I think it has.” Iommi earlier told the BBC that the band would hit the road one last time in 2016, following his being diagnosed with cancer. “We’ve tried to cut down because of my treatments,” he said. “We can’t just keep going round like we used to.”

May wanted Beatles in Eurovision 21 May 2015 Queen’s Brian May has said his younger self used to wonder why The Beatles didn’t enter Eurovision. Talking at the 60th anniversary of the Ivor Novello Awards, he said: “It’s been very patchy, the Eurovision Song Contest. I remember when I was younger thinking, ‘why don’t The Beatles just put all their songs in there and win all the prizes? I suppose there’s a very trite formula to win but there’s been some great songs. Abba notably scored a success with a song that is immortal. A lot of people say, ‘Abba, it’s not rock and roll’. But if you write a great song, it’s a great song forever.” May spoke about working with singer Adam Lambert, and the likelihood of writing a new Queen album with him. He said: “We’re not looking at that at the moment. We’re looking at going to Rio in September which is great. We’re playing Rocking Rio 30 years after we first opened the festival and they’re going to love Adam. So we’ll take it from there. Adam is promoting his album at the moment, and doing very well.”