Brian on “This Week” programme – talks fox hunting ban


Brian appeared on Andrew Neil’s “This Week” programme last night:


“This Week” Trailer – shown before preceding programme (Question Time)

“This Week” with Brian May on Fox Hunting Ban 02072015

Brian May and This Week guests
Brian May. Michael Portillo, Maria Margaronis, Tom Holland, Alastair Campbell

Fox-hunting ban repeal: Portillo vs. Brian May

Musician Brian May spoke out against government plans to repeal the ban on fox-hunting passed by the last Labour government. He told Andrew Neil on This Week fox-hunting was cruel, and that the classification of foxes as “vermin” was simply used to justify killing them. But he was challenged by former Conservative minister Michael Portillo, who said he was wary of attempts to “extinguish a nation’s culture”, and added that if he were in Parliament currently he would vote to repeal the ban.

Check out video exchange with Michael Portillo:

This Week programme

This Week programme

This Week programme

This Week programme