Relive it !


You can now relive that extraordinary day of our rally against the SI. The SI was an amendment posing as a ‘technical detail’, which would have smashed the Hunting Act’s power to protect. The day before Parliament was to vote on it, the Government, forced on to the back foot, withdrew both the debate and the vote. We received the news at the moment when I was preparing to address the rally. So my first words, unexpectedly, announced the fact that the Hunting Act would stand undiluted.

Here’s a nice gallery of 3-D memories of that VERY memorable day.

Brian at the Rally

The Stereo photos were taken by my good friends Dana Kubick and Helen Bovill, who have kindly let us display them on the website.

So whether you’re free-viewing or using your now-patent OWL, enjoy the strong feeling of being there all over again.

We did it ! The people of Britain put a brake on a Government intent on bringing back blood sports. They had to withdraw the ‘amendment’ to the Hunting Act, because it was apparent they would lose this vote, just as they had effectively already lost the promised ‘Free Vote on Repeal’. So the Hunting Act of 2004 survived intact. Of course there will be more dirty dealings … but we will be watching.

Enjoy it in 3-D !!! Here’s the link. And, just to remind us what it’s all about … here’s a nice stereo of one of our rescuee foxes from Harper Asprey, now back in the wild and in excellent health. Could anybody in their right mind want to torture this magnificent creature to death ?

Fox portrait - stereo
Fox portrait – stereo.  Photo: Bri

Onwards, Folks.