Come support our foxes


COME support our foxes tomorrow, but please leave the Anti-Tory banners at home. Many great Tory MPs are with us.

Team Fox rally

MPs today got biggest E-mail storm EVER against the Wednesday SI to disable Hunting Act. KEEP E-Mailing your MP. No return to barbarity. Wednesday SI aims to make prosecution of cruelty in hunting impossible.

Changes to Hunting Act Aim to ‘Make Prosecutions Unimaginable’
13 Jul 2015

Let’s see the GOOD Tories win this moment, alongside all MPs of conscience.

SI is all about Farming ? Yet no mention of it here in Countryside Alliance blurb. “Vote for Hunting” ! Gotta smile.

Countryside Alliance blurb

Yes, do vote – but it’s always apparent Britain does not want a return to legalised barbaric Blood Sports.

13 July 2015
Should the ban on #hunting with dogs stay intact?
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Tracey Crouch, Andrea Jenkyns, Henry Smith etc are our greatest hopes to defeat Cameron’s SI. Abstaining isn’t perfect but better than a yes. It’s a recognition that this SI is an embarrassment to decent Conservative MPs. Parliament is all about each issue being debated honestly, regardless of party.

Hey, dear Scots ! E-mail your SNP MP tonight and tell him you expect him/her to stand up against abuse of Wild Animals throughout Britain. The votes of you SNP guys on Wednesday could save our Wild Animals, or hurl us all back into barbarism. Don’t let Privilege win again. Bri

Just to be clear, I think it’s legitimate to aim anger at Cameron and his Government, but not at all Tories, many of whom are fighting with us.

And just to be clear, as far as we know, ALL Labour MP’s will be fighting with us against the SI, except 3 – Kate Hoey, Irranca-Davies MP. …

And just to be clear, lone Green MP Caroline Lucas is still one of the greatest advocates for our Wild Animals have ever had. I

t’s not about deals, it’s about decency versus cruelty. But SNP will need Labour to defeat EVIL – English Votes for English Laws.

Cameron’s attempt to return FoxHunting through the back door before anyone realised has raised the biggest storm of outrage for years.

I spoke to MPs today now getting 1500 E-mails in any one day, urging them to vote against the foxhunting SI – unprecedented numbers. Go ahead and write. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 5 years, it’s that decent MPs DO pay attention to their inboxes.

Perhaps most shocking of all – what Fox hunting does to dogs. Up to 10,000 hounds destroyed every year.

Thousands of healthy foxhounds – including pups – are clubbed to death or shot if they’re ‘unsuitable’
13 July 2015

Minister begs anti-cruelty Tory MPs to change their minds. Desperate and shameful. Time to give it up, Liz Truss.

Minister begs Tory MPs to back hunting changes as SNP says it will vote against
13 July 2015