David Cameron’s “Callous” Badger Cull must be stopped says Brian May


Brian May tells why he’s planning a legal challenge against badger cull

Blue Badger protest


“These are grim times. Especially for anyone who cares about justice for people or the other animals with whom we share the British Isles.

We are all labouring under the oppressive rule of a Government that seems devoid of decency or compassion. Whether it’s showing mercy to refugees, instead of calling them migrants and fencing them in with barbed wire, or acting to stop more atrocities to wild animals like Cecil the Lion, the only way to get David Cameron’s callous regime to act in a morally responsible way is to push them into a corner.

That’s where decent, concerned, compassionate people like you, come in. They make their voices heard in the only ways open to them. By petitioning, by lobbying or writing to their MPs, raising awareness through social media, and by physically marching for decency.

Today we raise our voices in disgust and outrage that a government, in the face of morality, all scientific evidence, and the overwhelming will of the British public are bone-headedly, doggedly pursuing a policy of murdering British badgers – in a useless and senseless war on wildlife that has already been declared INHUMANE and INEFFECTIVE, by its own experts in its declared aim of combating bovine TB in cattle.

Legal bid to be launched to halt cull

This policy is daily becoming more embarrassing, as more and more farmers realise that the wool is being pulled over their eyes by a Government that continues to place more importance on the votes of their mates the NFU than the well-being of farmers or their livestock.

If this Government were truly dedicated to eradicating TB from the National Herd they would have accepted the European Commission’s offer to help us prove Vaccines and Diva Test for CATTLE – not badgers. In a ten-year vaccination plan which this Government poo-poohed five years ago, we could already been half way there. That’s a sobering thought. Instead of that here we are, five years into a 25-year plan to solve farming’s problems by killing wildlife!

It’s a disgrace and a joke which is not funny. Just think of the wasted time, the wasted opportunities, and the appalling squandering of all our money, by this Government’s refusal to face up the truth of their folly.

We, Save-Me, in consultation with the members of Team Badger, are this week seeking to serve a Judicial Review, which we believe will prove that the decisions which Natural England have been forced by Cameron’s government to make, to continue in what Lord Krebs, Britain’s foremost authority on bovine TB has called this ‘lunacy’, are illegal.

But stopping this cruelty, this lame apology for a policy, will only be achieved by a concerted effort. This effort is being valiantly made at this moment by the badger protection organisations, the sabs in the field, the local campaigners, decent MP’s of all parties – and the people who have given up their morning to be here today.

My thanks to the Daily Mirror and Mirror readers, for your support in this essential fight for what is essentially Common Decency and common sense.”

Brian May says legal action could be only way of stopping the government’s “useless and senseless” war on badgers