Brian May guest RockFM Motel, Spain


FROM SPAIN – where Brian’s “Another World” album has entered the Spanish National Charts at #13.
22 April 2022 [Translation from Spanish: E&OE]
Brian May guest of honour tonight at RockFM Motel
Rodrigo Contreras interviews Brian May for the first time on RockFM on the occasion of the release of ‘Another World’.

RockfM Motel dresses up tonight to receive Brian May in an interview with Rodrigo Contreras on the day the reissue of his 1998 album ‘Another World’ is released .

A talk in which Brian May will speak about their close relationship with the late Taylor Hawkins who participated in this album, about which he confessed that he spoke with him a week before everything happened and that he was always encouraging him to undertake new projects. Of course, they also talked about Freddie Mercury and Brian told an unpublished anecdote from the Freddie Tribute Concert, which celebrated its 30th anniversary on the 20th. Don’t miss it after 9:00 p.m.
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BRIAN MAY: Thank you very much. It’s good to be here.

Well it’s a good question, yeah.

I imagined that I was much older and much wiser now.  So when I revisited this it would all seem very clear and I would feel like I was an adult, but actually it didn’t happen. I went back into this album, and I felt exactly the same as I did all those years ago – still very uncertain, still dealing with various kinds of pain and confusion.  And it’s quite ironic, I was dealing of course with life without Freddie, and during the course of this album I also had to deal with the loss of Cozy Powell, who was a very very close friend of mine and such an inspiration.

Now all these years later I’m looking at the man who played on ‘Cyborg’, Taylor Hawkins, who has also just gone, and it’s a terrible loss.

So, this album for me is mixed. Some of it is beautiful and joyful and some of it is very sad. It’s a whole mixture of – ah yes, yes – the alter ego Yes that’s right.

Well, I had this whole thing where I wanted to acknowledge the influences I had. I wanted to pay tribute to these people who inspired me to become what I became and that’s the way this album started. And for me it was fun to become somebody different and to put myself in their skin.  And it’s a way of escaping from myself, I think, and I really enjoyed that.

Now these tracks I put on the album and I’ve, I guess, I’ve owned up to the fact that T.E. Conway was very closely related to me – more closely related than I let on at the time.  But it was great fun to do that. I wanted to revisit the atmosphere of my youth, the 50s, when I was lucky enough to grow up with all those incredible influences starting with Buddy Holly, Little Richard – carrying on with Jimi Hendrix and Mott The Hoople, who I was fortunate enough to tour with when we began. So, it’s a whole mixture of stuff.

I think I’m trying to find myself and I’m trying to find what went into building myself and I’m trying to find a way forward to the light, as always. You know the first album is “Back to the Light”. This one is also looking for those beams of light – looking for the optimism.  Looking for the belief that life is going to be good.


A one-off in every way. he’s one of the seminal drummers one of the drummers who created rock drumming along with John Bonham, Carmine Appice. I guess Mitch Mitchell. Cozy Powell stands there as a giant creator of the style and he also had an amazing physicality and I mean a positivity. And for me whose, I’m a very negative guy really. I’m a depressive. I don’t find it easy to see the coffer’s half full. And Cozy come in and talk to him to have this song. I don’t know if it’s gonna work because, yes, of course it works – absolutely. Boy I’ll go and I’ll be hooligan. Cozy was a force of optimism, a force of positivity and of course the downside is when he’s gone it’s hard to find that positivity, yeah. Plus, it was a wonder, an establishment.


Participating Taylor Hawkins, Yeah Taylor was very good for our egos and very good for our image.  But he was just a wonderful friend and, like Cozy, he had this force within him of great joy and optimism. And we would talk often. I talked very often to Taylor only about a week ago I spoke to him and he was saying: “Yeah, we’re going back in the studio with Dave. We’re going to make some more Dave music”, you know,

But of course Taylor was very creative and he made his own music as well as the Foo stuff. And he was always inviting me out, He always said: “Look, you’re sitting in London. What are you doing? Come out to LA. Let’s play – let’s do stuff.” And, yeah, I’m going to miss those phone calls very badly. Blessing is, I guess, I’m so lucky to have these people in my life, who were heroes, and I was able to meet them and actually interact with them.