This New Year’s Day


Brian May: This New Year’s Day – 01/01/2024

… and if this New Year’s day hasn’t turned out quite as you would have liked it to …. don’t despair – half of the world probably feels the same ! But we have the opportunity of taking hold of this year and making things better … for us, for our family and friends, and for all the creatures on this planet.

What did the world gain this year ? Probably quite a lot. But what did we lose sight of ? Empathy ? Forgiveness ? Justice ? The pursuit of real equality ? Truth ? Honesty ? Integrity ? Perhaps most insidious of all, did we lose the freedom to say how we feel ? To discuss, debate, without fear of being pilloried ? if we lost these freedoms, how do we get them back ?

Praying for a better world in 2024. Take care out there dear friends.