Sorry to raise a distasteful subject…



As Boxing Day dawns, I will praying for our dear foxes, all over Britain. Praying that they will not fall prey to ‘accidental’ attack by packs of hounds, who have been trained to kill. How awful that we still have to think of this, in a country where fox-hunting has been outlawed, and the vast majority of us believe that this is the way it should be. Yet we know by their own boasting that there are many of the horse riders out there who will delight in trying to find ways to circumvent the law.

Let’s pray that the sadists are too drunk and overconfident to find any animal to vent their need for cruelty on.

In the New Year, we at Save-Me, and our allies, will be looking at ways to improve the enforcement of the laws against cruelty to animals. In the meantime, we appeal to you all to pass on any information you might come upon, about foul treatment of wild animals … like digging them out from their homes, or blocking up the entrances so they can’t go home, or capturing them in bags to be let out, weak and defenceless and confused, in front of a pack of hounds. Yes, sadly, there are people who will stoop to these depths of depravity.

All power to you, dear wild animals. May 2011 be a year in which great progress is made … towards decent treatment of all creatures.