Northern Lights Rock


OK … folks. I took a break ! Everybody (including my best friends and my doctor !) told me I ought to get away for a moment.

Well, they were right.

In the past few days I have left hundreds of E-mails unanswered (sorry guys!) …. and been off adventuring. I played Glasgow on the opening night of WWRY – with our great touring company. Loved it ! Great audience ! As expected ! But even better ! and a wonderful cast and band … I was well proud. And then ol’ Bri even went out partying with them for the night – lovely. Haven’t done that in … ages.

Then I packed my bags for Oslo … played the opening night of WWRY Norway – another great cast and band … and flew the next morning waaaay up North to Tromso (where we played for Nelson Mandela in 2005 in the Midnight Sun, for 46664). We came up for the Northern Lights .. and we were blessed.

My lovely Daughter’s excellent young man took this photo … which doesn’t truly capture ALL the true magnificence of the stunning display we were treated to … but … well, it gives a good idea …

Northern lights, Norway
Click for larger image

I never thought we would be so lucky. But … well, I will tell more about it soon … I’d recommend this trip to anyone. Yes, that’s the Pleiades on the left … and the Aurora that sprang out of the night to dazzle us – with a constantly shifting grace ! So Dr. Rock and Dr. Astronomy have both done their work on me. I’m back … ready for anything.