Plan for wholesale slaughter of birds in crow family


And now. A plan for the wholesale slaughter of birds in the crow family [Cull of Britain’s feathered fiends to save the disappearing dawn chorus
Ben Webster From: Times Online January 27 2011] – the excuse being that they have been blamed (without any hard evidence) for the decline of songbirds. This is horrific. We seem to be going through a terrible time, as a nation, of certain sections of the community desperately looking for any excuse to kill animals. The stupidity and the cruelty, the blinkered decision-making process, are all plainly visible here, and yet this “Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust” is somehow assuming the right to go out and start destroying birds on the grounds of nothing more than conjecture. I despair. Who are these people? Who funds them? Where do they get their power? Are they a government department? If not, how can they get away with this? I would not be surprised to find that this organisation had links with the shooting industry. As one of the spokespersons from the RSPB says … there are Dark Forces at work here.

And once again, one feels the insidious power of the farming community … to form a smokescreen around the fact that it is THEY who are to blame for almost every wild animal problem … because of their refusal to give up the use of poisons.

I hope this evil-doing will be stopped by process of law, and application of decency and common sense.