More carnage, more tragic mistakes


[Referring to BBC News – Alien invaders: American mink removed from Scotland]

This makes me see red.

This carnage is everywhere … what are they going to do next? … start annihilating African-English people in Brixton??? Just because they weren’t there 100 years ago? It’s exactly the same principle.

It’s insane. Can you people not understand this is WRONG? Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

Call yourselves conservationists? You are not conservationists. You are interfering blunderers, trying to restore a situation which has already disappeared. You do not care for any animal – so do not pretend that you do. All you care about is some fanciful conceit in which you, the heroes, are playing God … trying to re-create what you regard as a desirable world. For who ?


ALL of this is our fault … it needs us to find proper humane solutions – and every animal matters.

It is not the minks’ fault they are there. This is sheer brutality.

And must be stopped – YOU must be stopped – you stupid, stupid, insensitive, ignorant pseudo-scientific people.