Ukulele – Japan Premiere – Like to Help ? – Rhinos – Home Bike – Bohemian Rhapsody


 I was captivated by this little boy on IG. I just had to pass this on. Hope you guys at @top.musicians don’t mind. This fabulous young player is at @feng_e_ukulele as far as I can tell. Visit him !

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Time for us all to learn what BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY looks like in Katakana ! Japanese premiere is 7th November in Tokyo. Thanks @amlamla_mariko and @thisisarielnatale. SOON !!! And thanks Momoko !

Japan premiere notice

Like to help get this book published ? See details on @londonstereoscopiccompany IG.

Scotland in 3-D

Thank you Slash. Respects to all creatures. Rhinos rock. Google World Rhino Day and fight for their right to continue to exist.

Rhino - from Slash

Back on the home bike ! Damn ! Feels tough ! But I feel better equipped to face the day now. Yay ! 

Back on the home bike

No comment on this one ! It speaks for itself. Are you guys still enjoying these ‘teasers’ ?? 

Trailer: This thing called love…