Death for Welsh badgers – by a smiling Elin Jones


The Welsh Minister for Rural affairs has pronounced a sentence of death on Welsh Badgers – will Britain stand for it? – SORRY – LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Looking at this video is enough. This woman’s nervous smile as she condemns at least a thousand healthy badgers to death says it all.

Yes, the Welsh Department of Rural Affairs has decided to do what it has been dying to do all along … get on with the slaughter of badgers, as an appeasement to the militant extreme of the farming community. Out of the window goes the careful judgment of the finest legal brains in the country, in the recent Judicial Review. Out of the window goes Science … which clearly predicts that killing badgers will not work as a control for Bovine TB. Out of the window goes decency. This woman has swept aside public opinion too – as she swings into action to butcher a noble and ancient British species.

Other point to note. Incidence of Bovine TB has actually FALLEN in Wales the last 2 years – with no badgers culled. Welsh tax-payers are paying for farmers to continue to farm cows in known TB hot-spots, in defiance of all common sense. Now they will be asked to pay for the killing of native wild animals – the majority of which are perfectly healthy, on a spree which cannot possibly solve the bTB problem.


PLEASE SPREAD THIS NEWS – by Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail … it is not being given appropriate space in the newspapers … this is life or death for thousands of our native creatures.

This is a black day for Wales. And for wild animals.



Elin Jones
The face that will bring death in the countryside – Elin Jones