Japan cruelly hit


I woke up from a long sleep, brought on by exhaustion, and turned on the TV. Soon I was in tears watching the terrible images from the Tsunami in Japan.

I feel shocked and sad and powerless. I just wanted to send a message of love and sympathy to all our dear friends whose lives and homes and families have been torn apart by this awful tragedy. Miyagi, Sendai … such wonderful memories for us, touring as Queen, as far back as 1976. The young Japanese people took us straight into their hearts, and it was mutual. Our links with Japan remain strong, and I feel huge sympathy for our friends who have been hit by an act of Nature so cruel that all of us here are reeling.

From me and my family … we send love, and our prayers are with you. I will be praying that you can soon rebuild your lives, and eventually can put this disaster into the distant past.

With love